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... without borders

On November 3rd Spring House opened its new gender neutral equality toilets with an evening event called 'Gender without Borders'.

Besides an official opening ceremony involving pink toilet paper, the intimate event included a talk on violence against femininity by Shay Raviv, design researcher at STBY, and a fashion show by Kennisland’s Koko Herder. Manon Kersten from Spring House was responsible for the creative production of the event of which the “lift bar” was one of the extraordinary outcomes.

During the event the idea of a “... without Borders” series was coined, events aiming to dismantle taboos. Shay, Koko and Manon will join forces again to explore this idea, involving more Spring House members along the way.
Love, sexuality, cultural diversity without Borders? Who knows? Be sure to keep an eye out for the next … without Borders!