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Wednesday Artday

'Tino Seghal'

Every week a Spring House member tells us about an artwork that touches or inspires them. This week it's Koko Herder, advisor Urban planning at Kennisland.

Which moment of art do you want to share with us?
In 2012 I went to London for a English course of one month. My school was very close to Tate Modern, so one day I dropped by and before I knew I stood in the middle of a performance by Tino Seghal. (These Associations)

It seemed to be a normal busy day at the museum, but suddenly about 20 people would start to run, buzz or sing. This group alternately behaved like normal museum visitors and performers. Together they worked towards a climax and then it abruptly stopped. 


Did the artwork touch your personal life?
After a while the performers came sit next to people and started to share their personal stories. One story really impacted me. A guy told me about him being excluded from his family because of his sexual orientation. He moved to the Netherlands to finally feel free in who he is. It made me realise the freedom we have in the Netherlands what is not always as self evident. 

Since then, I went by every day after my English class. I started to collect the stories in a notebook. It took a while before I dared to ask them questions. He really created a beautiful connection between audience and art.

I like how Tino Seghal plays with the roles of people. After a while you really don't know who's in the script and who isn't. Everyone is constantly switching roles; spectator becomes performer, performer becomes spectator, etc. 

3.These-Associations-workshop-at-Tate-Modern-Turbine-Hall-Tino-Sehgal (1)3.These-Associations-workshop-at-Tate-Modern-Turbine-Hall-Tino-Sehgal (1)