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Wednesday Artday

'Laurien Mulder'

Every week a Spring House member tells us about an artwork that touches or inspires them. This week it's Jip Nelissen, designer and partner at And The People.

What is your favourite artwork?
That’s without doubt an artwork made by my mother,
Laurien Mulder, who is an artist. The work is an installation with forty identical, handmade children's dresses hanging in a huge tree. On each dress, made of white linen cloth, a different buddhist quote is stitched. 

Every year my mother travels to Nepal to work with local crafts men and women. Over the years she build an enormous network of people that all have their own specialty. 

She went to Nepal for the first time in 2005. We actually went together, I was there for our first project for And The People. In the village there wasn't a spot for the children to come together, so we made a playground for the children to play en meet each other.

What is the work about according to you?
To me the work is a dialogue between the viewer and the Nepalese people who co-created the art work. My mother brought two worlds together in her art work. With the work she helps to enrich the craftsmanship in those countries and she shares the Buddhist knowledge with the West. 

What is your favorite quote on the dresses?
Know the rules, so you know how to break them properly. 

Anything else you want to share?
I believe that 1 and 1 is 3. If you work together, the work will be much better and richer. Collaborating, meeting each other and exchanging knowledge are very powerful tools. The way my mother works comes close to the idea of community art. She did it already before knowing the term Community Art, it really is in her nature.