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Wednesday Artday

'Grass for Those Who Cry'

Every week a Spring House member tells us about their favourite artwork. This week it's Wieteke Vrouwe, social innovation advisor at Kennisland.

What is your favourite art work?
Choosing a favourite is so difficult, because there is so much beauty out there! For now I would say my favourite artwork is ‘Grass for Those Who Cry’ a painting by Hundertwasser. I’ve seen the work at the Cobramuseum in Amstelveen. I picked it not because I think it is very beautiful, but because the philosophy behind the work intrigues me.

Tell us more about it!
Hundertwasser wanted to exile all straight lines, because, as he said, they are 'godless’. There’s nothing that 'feeds' a straight line. They are not a realistic representation of nature. In his work he shows the complex chaotic representation of the world.

Does the artwork remind you of something in your personal life?
Human kind seems to believe in simplicity, but I don’t believe it solves everything. Simplifying situations means ignoring the beautiful complex layers in between. If we don’t see the complexity of a situation, we miss the pearls of life. To me the work is about chaos versus order, organic versus mathematic. I believe real order doesn’t exist. At least I can pretend to be an organised person. I think everyone is per definition chaotic. 

Anything else you want to share?
Dare to feel the chaos of life!