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Wednesday Artday

'Female Figure'

Every week a Spring House member tells us about their favourite artwork. This week it's Stephanie van der Raad, education advisor at Kennisland.

What is your favourite art work?
Such difficult question, it’s changing all the time..! But if I had to pick one now, I would go for ‘Female Figure’ by Jordan Wolfson, seen at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. 

Can you tell us about your experience?
We had to wait on a bench. When it was time only four people were allowed into the space. The fifth ‘person’ was her, the Female Figure. The music started and she was dancing and talking. I immediately felt very uncomfortable. At one point she looked straight into my eyes. Her eyes and the way she was staring at me were so human.. How can a robot confront a human being?

I felt I wanted to look at her, but I didn’t want to feel that way. She was beautiful and dirty at the same time. I didn’t understand my own feelings -and I still don’t-. I was so confused, she really felt like a human being! Thinking back at that moment, I still get a stomachache. 

That sounds intense! Is there anything else you wanna share with us?
We were the last group who saw her in Stedelijk. Her technician was very sad that his job was done. After each performance he would turn her off for 15 minutes for cooling down and plucking her hair out of her shoulder joints. They became very close, haha. So it ís possible to fall in love with a machine...