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Wednesday Artday

'Doe Iets'

Every other week a Spring House member tells us about their favourite artwork. This week it's Sem Roefs from Food Hub.

What is your favourite artwork?
If the question would be; what would you like to hang on your wall? I’d say Rothko. But apart from my wall, my favourite artwork is ‘Doe iets’ by Serge Verheugen.

Where and when did you encounter it?
The work has probably been there for a while before I noticed. Funny how art in public space works, it’s there for a while and out of a sudden you really see what is actually there. One day I was cycling around Amsterdam Oost on my every day routine and I just saw it. Now that I’ve seen it, it cannot be unseen. You can still discover new things in your familiar surroundings.

What is the work about?
The meaning of the work changes all the time. Of course it depends on the context. For me it wakes me up from the routine, takes you out of a rut. Just do something! It inspires action in stead of words, people talk to much but act to little.