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Vuca Academy: Master in Managing Information & Sustainable Change


Now that’s what we call a New Years’ resolution! 
From January 24th 2018 the VUCA Academy will organize the accredited Master in Managing Information & Sustainable Change (MISC) in the Spring House. No boring courses but 50+ speakers from the worlds of sciences, arts, practice and design with whom you’ll learn together, tease your brain and be inspired. Assignments related to your work instead of ‘brain-only’ exams.

The program consists of 3 thematic semesters: Discourse, Design and Dilemmas of change and innovation in the information age. It is also possible to enroll for separate semesters. (language: Dutch)

The first semester, Discourse, focuses on the meaning of developments that we all are dealing with in this information age. The information age is VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous but what does this mean for our work, our organizations, our society, and ourselves? And what do we mean when we speak of abstract things like complexity, change, innovation or knowledge? Insights from narrative and discourse analysis help us in understanding how our language helps and hinders us. 

In the second semester, Design, which starts in June, we take concrete wicked problems from our own practice and deal with these based on design thinking techniques and approaches. We check our own assumptions on what the problem is, who is involved, who should be involved, how to deal with it and how to engage others in spreading the message. 

The third semester, Dilemmas, focuses on the forces you have to deal with if you want to sustainably change things in the information age. Forces that play an important role are those influencing the structure of the organization, political and power issues, the motivation of people or the symbolic undercurrent in organizations. Technological and societal developments cause all sorts of turmoil in all of these fields of which you have to be aware and for which you have to prepare yourself. 

For more info and to sign up visit their website.


Date: Wednesday January 24th
Time: 9.00–19.30
Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128, Amsterdam