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TOKYO 2020 TREATY – a manifesto

Together with Vandejong, Martin Brester is working on a manifesto in which they set ten goals to be achieved by 2020, during the Tokyo Olympics: the TOKYO 2020 TREATY. Why? Simple: there is a huge dichotomy between participation and leadership. There is a serious lack of women who play a significant role in international sport. Less than 19% of chief executive positions are held by women. Only 7% is president, and there has never been a woman president of the IOC or FIFA. This must change. It’s time to accelerate the power of sport to advance gender equity globally. To balance the participation of men and women in their involvement in sports, within all sports organisations worldwide.

‘The core of my passion is to improve the state of the world through sports, bringing people together and fostering more integrated diversity within sports organizations,’ says Cuban Mayi Cruz Blanco. Sport is her life. Graduated in Sport Sciences in 2000, at the age of 27 she left Cuba to work in Switzerland for the International Olympic Committee, the World Archery Federation and almost ten years for FIFA, the World Football Federation. Together with a Team from THNK – School of Creative Leadership, she successfully delivered a cutting-edge programme; enabling emerging female leaders to thrive in football.

The implementation of these global sport equity goals on a holistic level will not only empower and incentivize female participation, but it will have a positive and substantial commercial impact on the revenues of sport governing bodies. By growing female participation and representation at all levels, these federations can achieve long-term growth. Particularly in this day and age where technology is completely disrupting the way we watch and engage with sport. More females are interesting in consuming and watching sport content. Therefore, there is a unique opportunity for these federations to diversify, attract new audiences and future-proof their business.

We’re not there yet, but we will be more than glad to show you the result. We’ll keep you posted!


Written by Martin Brester