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Tip of the Week: 'Zen and the Art of Quality'

Every Friday a Spring House members will share with us a tip: a favourite movie, a must-read article, an event we cannot miss this weekend or just some general life advice. Here’s this week's tip by Aernout Ackerman.

It’s the little things and relations that matter. The things that we easily overlook. Your clients and partners define the requirements of your life, projects and deliverables, and off we go, towards that deadline at the horizon.

We live in a time of instant doing. We can’t postpone. We need to update our website, post the next blog, share on twitter and put our snapshots on Instagram. Meet with friends for drink or dinner. We manage our lives in 140 characters. 
In the rush of things, do we spend enough time to ensure we deliver real value and quality to our own lives and that of others?

That brings me to the tip of the week. In one word: ZEN
→ Uncover your curiosity and passion. Take a half-day every two weeks to do something that attracts or interests you. Whatever it is.
→ Reflect and visualise before rushing into work or another meeting.
→ Focus on doing one thing well. Assign dedicated time. Half work is no work.
→ Read: “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” - thanks Tom Egyedi for the tip