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Tip of the Week: Get the whole system in the room

Every Friday one of our Spring House members will share with us a tip: a favourite movie, a must-read article, an event we cannot miss this weekend or just some general life advice. Here’s this week's tip!

I am Petra de Boer, Spring House member and partner at Perspectivity. My 11 colleagues and I love to work on complex challenges. We design and facilitate dialogue processes that bring different perspectives together, so that new insight and creative solutions can emerge.

Ever tried to solve a wicked problem with an expert? It probably did not work, right! Because wicked problems have many stakeholders and influencing factors that are intertwined and constantly on the move. No one person can solve complex challenges by themselves. Not even the smartest expert!

That is why you need to get the whole system in the room. A diverse set of people who have a stake in the issue and who can each bring in their knowledge and perspective. So that together they can paint a complete picture of the situation before moving into action. And build trust along the way.

The poem by "The Blind Men and the Elephant" by John G. Saxe describes this beautifully.

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