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Tip of the Week: David Chang's podcast

Every Friday one of our Spring House members will share with us a tip: a favourite movie, a must-read article, an event we cannot miss this weekend or just some general life advice. Here’s this week's tip!

My name is Melissa Korn, I am a Spring House member and I am a freelance project manager at Food Hub. In this job I can work on what I like most: finding a way to realise our projects.
This means finding a structure in which people know; what the goal is, how they can contribute and how to work together in the best possible way. This is a challenge that I enjoy every time. I like food because it brings people together and because we can learn about each other through the variety of dishes. In the end, we all need food.

My tip is to listen to the podcast of restaurant owner David Chang. Make sure to check #uglydelicious on social media as well. Chang is the man behind the Momofuku imperium.  He argues that food is often only viewed and judged from one aestethical aspect, the French ‘fine dining’ perspective to be precise. Chang points to the fact that we often eat with our eyes in stead of mouth and nose. That is why he urges his staff to make dishes that tickle your tastebuds, so next time you will look right through the aesthetics. 
Looking at food from one perspective, or more than one rather, is what we are working on with Food Hub. By offering food education programmes (such as Tranisition in AgriFood) to food professionals, we show that there are more facets to one problem. By learning from each other’s experience and perspectives we find solutions to such wicked problems. So widen your horizon and don’t go to the next best hipster joint with avocado on toast, radish and cress. Instead find your way to one of Amsterdam’s sandwich shops and order a ‘kadetje tartaar speciaal’.