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The Red Stage


What do shame, anger, communism, lipstick and a ruby have in common? That’s right: the colour Red! And so do Little Red Riding Hood, the ruby and a red pepper. On the 23rd of June our world turned red and nothing passed by without reminding us of the colour Red.

At least, that was the intention of our secret assignments we were given at the start of the Spring House Academy. In groups of five, Spring House members started exploring their topics and at the end of the day we danced high on love, held a cow’s heart in our palms, gave Little Red Riding Hood a contemporary context, we chanted the ‘booby song’ (‘het tietenlied’), we speculated about the man and his lipstick, we were braless and beyond shame, jumped a ‘haka’ dance to rid us from anger and we proclaimed a Spring House revolution.

The promise of the assignments had been fulfilled. Since this day we view the world through red glasses at Spring House. Glasses of energy, friendship, emotion and pleasure.

Sandra Rottenberg

Cover photo: Stuart Holt / CC BY