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The New World of Work


If we compare the way work is organized now to the way work used to be organized a few decades ago, much has changed. Not only are we working under very different (often much more precarious) labour market conditions, the culture of work has also transformed.

Simone van Dijk is writing a sociological master thesis on the topic of this ‘new world of work’, particularly in the new urban economy. She relates this ‘new world of work’ to the concept of space: what has changed in the way work is spatially organized? What role do place and space have in work now that work has become increasingly mobile? Why are many new workplaces so heavily aestheticized? And how do workers draw on culture and aesthetics in the construction of their professional identity?

Simone has been doing ethnographic fieldwork in Spring House, taking Spring House as a case study of a new, modern way of organizing work. On April 25th, she will tell more about her research in Spring House and would like to open up the floor about the topic of the role of space in people’s experience of work.

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Date: Tuesday April 25th
Time: 12:30-13:30
Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128, Amsterdam