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Health Summer School Erasmus Universiteit 2017

The Erasmus university pronounced a wish to organise a Health Summer School for close partners such as students, managers, professionals, directors and designers. The main thought was: healthy and happy living for everyone. How can the health care be in sync with the society?

Together with the organisations Univé, Zorgspectrum and Toezicht sociaal domein/inspectie (VWS) we formulated some design challenges that deal with the changing relationship between formal organisations and informal networks. Each partner chose a specific target audience relating to their current activities and relationships. 

One of the goals of the Summer School was to develop new forms of learning and working together in order to solve complex, societal challenges. In two design days ‘Design Thinking’ was used as a method to work together intensively on finding solutions. The two days led to a pilot project that will be implemented in practice. With a good mix of experts, scientists and creative professionals, it were two very special, energetic and informative days that resulted in experiments that will be picked up by the three organizations the same week.

The Summer School was organised by Caracta (Spring House members Anne Mieke Eggenkamp and Fennemiek Gommer) and it proved to be an interesting challenge to design not only the content but also the process. Some other Spring House members participated in facillitating the session and contributed in the conversation.  


Health Summer School Erasmus Universiteit 2017
29 and 30 September 2017

Photo by: Stuart Acker Holt