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Staircase Pancake Exhibition

With members: Sem Roefs & Manon Kersten

Last weekend I had an intense discussion about what friendship is and when you can call someone a friend. My way of establishing this has been the same for years; "Would you go on holiday with person x?"* When my answer is yes, I call this person a friend.

Half a year ago Spring House (in the form of Manon) asked Food Hub if they wanted to make an exhibition for the gallery. Joris and Joszi in turn asked me if I wanted to take that on. I was pretty happy that Manon offered to design the exhibition when we started brainstorming. In a number of quickly consecutive conversations, due to a very ambitious deadline, we came to the exhibition PANNENKOEK MET APPELSTROOP & SPEK (OF KAAS). **

In addition to creating the background story of a pancake, we also joked a lot, discovered a shared ‘passion’ for Harry Potter, we got to know the printer very well, we made a library, we ate pancakes and Manon tried to persuade me to come to the reading club (I’ll join soon, I promise!). And if someone asks me if I would go on holiday with Manon my answer would definitely be yes!

* Everyone knows that going on vacation, playing risk and moving are the most challenging ways to put a relationship to the test.
** Go take a look!

Written by Sem Roefs