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We look back on Springstof 2018, a two-day acceleration program around pressing issues. This time, Springstof was organised by Spring House members Twynstra Gudde, And The People and Publieke Versnellers. The goal was to formulate a vision in favour of the inclusive city; an urban community where everyone participates and, above all, can create.

With an explosive mix of over 40 participants (including project developers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, lawyers and designers), the program began. The common ground? Being open-minded, ready to step away from existing conventions and eager in working together on a meaningful city.

The program varied from an inspiring breakfast lecture and collective trend research, to a football club chairman talk and a joint dinner. During the intensive design sprints around the theme of housing, area development and energy transition, the search got more in-depth. Initially, the housing session was the result of the ‘Community Land Trust’ concept, which was born from a collaboration between And the People and Publieke Versnellers. Within this concept, inclusive area development is used to make living in the city affordable for generations to come. During the energy session, civil servants, engineers and people from energy and housing corporations explored the challenges around the energy transition. Next, we took a moment to get away from the topic of energy and dove into the daily lives of citizens. We started conversations with various people about their way of life. For example; a student, a pensioner and a shoemaker. Based on the motivations we encountered, we started reframing the energy transition. It brought us to new, but above all, useful ideas for the participants to work with.

Springstof has proven itself to be intensive, but moreover a stimulance for productivity, creativity and enthusiasm. As soon as we have regained energy ourselves, a second edition can be expected for sure.


Written by Jip Nelissen