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Spring House Academy:

The Origin of Red

This year a tradition is born: the Spring House Academy: A school of thought for the free-minded individual. Together as members we explored, experimented and enjoyed. Our first class was on the colour Red. Why is the building we sit in, Red? Is Red the colour of energy or more a symbol of Love and Hate? What does Red taste like? 

We gathered the most interesting people we could find, designers, theatre makers, star gazers, quiz masters, surgeons and chefs to let us into their world of Red.

During this eventful day, we learned about the meaning of Red in China and discovered DIY surgery. We drank a cup of Polish Barszcz and competed against each other in a Lunch cook-off. We virtually went to space, and visited the the Red light district by boat while tasting red wines. The final spectacle was a performance show by all members.

You can find a visual impression of the day here.

Photos by: Stuart Holt / CC BY