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Movie Night: Slums as the communities of the future?


This month And The People is hosting the Movie Night. It will be a nice follow-up of the conference and exhibition held in Spring House about the Design Museum Dharavi. Only this time we will look at this fascinating place from a a different perspective to see what value it can bring us. The night starts with a short introduction, by Jip Nelissen, followed by the documentary “Slummin it' by Kevin McCloud. He visits Dharavi, one of the planet's most extreme urban spaces, to live, sleep, eat and wash there, and to test claims that the city has the answers to many of our urban ills.

We will end the evening with pizza with a short discussion about what we can learn, and in particular in Spring House, from these communities.

Send us a message if you want to join.

Date: Thursday February 28th
Time: 18:00
Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128, Amsterda