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Read This: Facing Value


Every month we select a book that is recommended by one of our members. Interested on what we in Spring House love to read? This month Tabo Goudswaard selected his current favourite.

Titel: Facing Value: Radical Perspectives from the Arts
Author: Maaike Lauwaert & Francine Van Westrenen
Chosen by: Tabo Goudswaard

Facing Value is a manifest for alternative rules of value creation: quite difficult, but very much needed. In the book they make references towards relevant art. This book is a definite recommendation!

The alternative visions of value that are described in the book will inspire readers to regain personal power, share energy and creativity, and build toward a vital and just society. Alternative values -like hesitation, care, giving and disconnection- are proposed as potential focus points of new value systems.

You can also join the upcoming book launch in Stroom, Den Haag.