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Spring House Project: Radical Innovators

Radical Innovators is a collaborative search by Vrij Nederland and Spring House members Kennisland and Vandejong Creative Agency, for people with radical and sustainable social initiatives. Our aim is to give these Radical Innovators the attention they deserve and to make them a source of inspiration for others. With this initiative we want to bring about an acceleration of radical innovation in the Netherlands.

A jury will select ten semi-finalists from the entries. In January 2016, these semi-finalists can make their own campaign via social media and collect votes. The initiative with the most exposure and support on social media wins the audience award. On February 9, chair of the jury Neelie Kroes will announce the winners. Other jury members are (among others) Aart van Veller from Vandebron (Radical Innovator 2014) and professor of social robotics Vanessa Evers (University of Twente). Neelie Kroes:

"The Netherlands has a huge potential of valiant Radical Innovators who want to make the Netherlands and the rest of the world a better place. I'm looking for the best and most inspirational innovators who dare to take a leading role in this challenge."

The first two editions of this quest have resulted in an exciting, colourful collection of individuals and organisations. For example Repair Café or Vandebron, an organisation which allows consumers to buy green electricity directly from the producer. Tim Dekker from Rambler, a streetwear brand and one of the Radical Innovators of 2013:

"To be appointed a Radical Innovator is truly one of the coolest things that can happen to you as a social enterprise. Workers, young people, financiers, the municipality; everyone loves it. You will be seen as part of a larger network of innovators."

International network and radical innovation

Radical Innovators of 2015 are part of a growing international network. Last year, both in Belgium and England Radical Innovators were selected. This network is manifested in our new clubhouse for radical innovation: Spring House.

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