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Peak of eternal light. Presentation by Jorge Manes Rubio


Peak of Eternal Light: A journey through the work of artist Jorge Mañes Rubio, from the Three Gorges Dam to the South Pole of the Moon. 
Jorge is the Spring House artist in residence from June -September 2016. Come to get to know him and his work over a drink before the weekend starts.

Jorge Mañes Rubio is a sort of sociohistorical alchemist. When he travels, he absorbs what he sees and hears, and uses it as raw material to “reimagine what could be instead.” He graduated in Design Products from the Royal College of Art London in 2010, where he confirmed his indefatigable desire to travel beyond the usual scopes of design. In 2014 he obtained the prestigious TED fellowship and a year later the S&R Foundation Washington Award. Rubio has been a guest lecturer at several international conferences, and his work is regularly exhibited in galleries, museums and art centers worldwide. He’s currently collaborating on a new art/science project with the Advanced Concepts Team at the European Space Agency.

Together with SpringHouse members, during his residency Rubio will explore the economic, political and social implications of a new era of colonisation and exploration of celestial bodies. 

You can find more about his work at

Date: Friday June 17th
Time: 17:00
Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128, Amsterdam