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Out of Office #9 'Maker Party: Copyright and maker-culture'


Kennisland is organising the ninth edition of Out of Office: an inspiring meeting at the end of the afternoon in Spring House.

Together with Mozilla Foundation, Kennisland is organising a ‘Maker Party’ on the maker culture; the current culture in which people actively create their own products for personal use, or to sell or share. It has become easy for people to share their pictures online, for teachers to develop their own curriculum based on the needs of students and musicians can easily remix their music. 
A maker party is an informative, festive gathering where makers, technicians, and lawyers share their ideas on copyright and think of ways to improve this.

During this Out of Office we will focus on the maker culture in the cultural sector, libraries and education. In these sectors the maker culture is limited by outdated rules on copyright. We will discus questions like ‘How does the maker culture contribute to developments in the cultural field? How do I apply the values of maker culture within a regulated environment? How does the maker culture contribute to a knowledge society?’

And to fully experience maker culture there will be some workshops where you can create your own meme or try out tools like Arduino, wearables and 3D pens.

Join us by signing here.

Date: Friday February 24th
Time: 17:00-19:30
Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128, Amsterdam