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Out of Office #7 ‘Equal Opportunities in Education’


On Friday November 25th Kennisland is organising the seventh edition of Out of Office: an inspiring meeting at the end of the afternoon in Spring House. Here we talk with experts on issues that concern or interest Kennisland. Expect lively discussions and unexpected encounters.

Out of Office #7 is devoted to initiatives that help create equal opportunities in education. How can you create an environment within schools that results in equal opportunity for children? We have invited two speakers from a primary and secondary school in Amsterdam to discuss their initiatives for students.

Mustapha Kahdara is vice director of the J.P. Coenschool, a primary school in the ‘Indische Buurt’ (Indies Neighbourhood in the east of Amsterdam). His school actively engages with students, parents, the neighbourhood and the municipality in order to create equal opportunities for students during and after school. Mustapha will discuss how the school actively involves parents in school activities. As a result of the initiatives of the school the J.P. Coenschool has transformed itself from a homogenous school to a diverse school that reflects the population of the neighbourhood.

Saskia Grotenhuis, is director of the Openbare Scholengemeenschap Bijlmer, a secondary school in the Bijlmer. She is creating equal opportunities for children with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Together with our speakers and the audience we will have a discussion about what schools, policymakers and organisations can do to improve the opportunities of children within the Dutch school system.

To sign up visit Kennisland’s page.

Date: Friday November 25th
Time: 17:00-19:00
Language: Dutch
Spring House, de Ruijterkade 128, Amsterdam

Photo: US Department of Education (CC BY)