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Out of Office #5: Podcast as a Research Instrument


On Wednesday, October 12th Kennisland is organising the fifth edition of Out of Office: a tantalising meeting at the end of the afternoon in Spring House. Here we talk with experts on issues that concern or interest Kennisland. Expect lively discussions and interesting encounters.

Out of Office #5 is devoted to the podcast. Spilled over from the US, the online audio stories has also gained ground in the Dutch media and conquered a prominent place here. From science-podcasts and research projects, to family portraits and stories about the city: a variety of genres and subjects defines podcast as a medium. And so Kennisland became interested in the podcast, looking for new ways to tell stories, to do research and to involve people in our projects. The main question is: how can the podcast be used as a research tool, and can audio stories serve as data?

After a training with De Kostgangers, Kennisland has put her first steps towards becoming a podcast creator, and during Out of Office at # 5 we will talk with more experienced podcast makers. Irene Houthuijs will tell us how she, as an investigative journalist at the Dutch Public Broadcasting Network, translates  research into audio stories, journalist and secondary school teacher John Fisher will play the podcast about teaching that he creates with his students, and podcast creators Geert van de Wetering and Danielle Emans from De Kostgangers let us take a glimpse into their work for CBS in which they create podcasts with stories behind the numbers.

How do these creators use the podcast to explore their environment? Can we increase accessibility of studies with podcasts? And how do we use the podcast as a medium to generate new data and knowledge? On October 12th, we will meet pioneering podcasters, we listen to a variety of audio clips and we examine the possibilities of the podcast.

To sign up visit Kennisland's page.

Date: Wednesday October 12th
Time: 17:00-19:00
Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128, Amsterdam

Photo: Casey Fiesler