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Open Game

Playing games to solve structural societal problems? To create new ways of living together on this planet. To solve world class problems like water- and food shortages and waste. 

This Open Game session is a collaboration between Perspectivity and Spring House and combines Perspectivity Food Challenge and Nexus Challenge and the 'Terra Nova' boardgame that Publieke Versnellers supported in the crowdfunding phase.

The Food Challenge
How do you weigh the increasing food consumption against sustainable food production? During this game you come across those food-related problems and dilemmas that are familiar to current world leaders.

The Nexus Challenge
The interconnected challenges at the nexus of energy, water and food will strongly shape the future. These interconnections will cause new and sustained turbulences, which require innovative approaches to make our societies more resilient. This complexity is at the heart of the "Nexus!" Challenge. You may play a company, seeking a secure market for your production. You may play a country desperately short of water. You will face land shortages, real or imagined. Innovation, boycotts, partnerships, price fluctuations, free trade, bad harvests, turbulence: it's all in the game.

Terra Nova Mini-Society
Terra Nova Mini-Society is a game and discussion tool to discuss difficult social themes. Based on a storyline and on an uninhabited island, players discuss their ideal society. During their adventure they are challenged by moral dilemmas. They explore what is 'right' for them and what is not and take matters into their own hands to organize their ideals.


Date: Thursday July 5th
Time: 15:30 - 18:30
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Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128, Amsterdam