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One month at Spring House...

It’s been a month since I started working at this home for radical innovators, and I can only say that I’m still amazed by the vast amount of free spirits here. In this small post I’ll try to summarize my activities and learnings at Spring House.

Currently, I’m working on various projects with Yvette Pasman, Anne Mieke Eggenkamp and Rolinka Kattouw. All of them are communication or strategy projects in some form, varying in shape and size. For the past weeks, I helped organize and facilitate workshops, where I analyzed the information and came up with useful insights.
Furthermore I gave expert reviews on websites, regarding form, tone of voice and information structure, and translated them to recommendations for improvement based on user experience.

And lastly, I’m figuring out my own branding as a freelance creative strategist. I found out that when it comes to cultivating resilience, having a growth mindset is key. But how to learn and accomplish that? I'm helping people and organizations to observe their mindset, challenge beliefs, and build a growth muscle to create a more resilient attitude to change. It sounds like a work in progres, and it is!

I’ll keep you posted.

Written by Suzie-Ann Bakker