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Night of the Radical Innovation

Radical Innovation

Who are the Radical Innovators of this moment? Meet the ten finalists and semi-finalists on February 9th, during the Night of the Radical Innovation in Spring House. Neelie Kroes will present the award ceremony and for the rest of the night, the programming will be done by all nominees.

Come and take a look into their world. Taste a scoop 'kweekvleesijs' of Next Nature, drink just a bit too much weed cocktails and collect your goody bag from Blue21. You can also dance at the mini silent disco, take your portret in the photo booth of 'Het Nieuwe Kiezen', eat snacks at INSTOCK and (yes!) win a broccoli with the SUR + game.

There are also contributions from 'De Nederlandse School', Studio Roos Meerman, SmartCrusher, ColeopteraCaventou, Seepje, Power of Art House, Konnektid, Sustainer Homes, The Ceuvel, Fello, Creating Water Foundation, Fair Transport, INSTOCK, Interu_Psy, SETUP, Open House, Broodnodig, Better Future Factory, Ioniqa, Hyperloop and Jalila Essaidi.

Join us in Spring House at the 9th of February at 19:30. Get your tickets here.