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Movie Night: Paul dans sa Vie


'Moi je ne suis pas dans le folklore, je suis dans ma vie.'The story of Paul, a French farmer, fisherman, churchman and hobbyist is the subject of the upcoming Movie Night on November 30th. Paul is 75, still single and lives like people did 50 years ago. Not out of nostalgia, but just because that's what his life is like. And always has been.

The movie is an anti-mirror of the society we live in and lets us reflect on topics like progress, happiness and globalisation by showing his simple and outdoor life. A life that is truly romantic at first sight, but not terribly exciting. After all these years it's very difficult for Paul to say goodbye to this faded glory.

Sjoerd Fit is hosting this evening. This movie also gives a hint of what his childhood was like, when he moved to the French countryside with his parents and triplet siblings at age 11, and went back in time 50 years.

Date: Wednesday November 30th
Time: 18:00
Spring House