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Join us for breakfast

Every second Tuesday of the month 8:30-9:30.

Breakfast can be a chaotic thing. It can be skipped, or on the go. It can be fast or at best hearty and slow. But what about breakfast being inspiring? 

At Spring House we want to experience breakfast as a special treat. Starting in January, every second Tuesday of the month, you are invited to start the day with breakfast at ours. Get inspired by a Spring House member talking about what they’re up to while enjoying a delicious breakfast by Choux. After breakfast, we would like you to stay! When you register you are invited to explore Spring House and find the perfect work place for the day. Sign up through

In January Chris Sigaloff, director of Kennisland, will start us off with a presentation about Kennisland and what she is working on at the moment. 

“Besides exploring new themes and developing new methods and interventions, Chris advises governments and organisations on matters dealing with innovation strategies, social innovation and policymaking and gives presentations on these subjects in the Netherlands and abroad. Aside from her activities at Kennisland, she is a board member of the Kafka Brigade and the Kriterion Foundation and a member of the international network SIX (Social Innovation Exchange).” 

For more information about Chris Sigaloff and Kennisland, check out: 

Date: January 12th, 2016
Image: Spring House (CC BY)