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Mental Health Month @Spring House

Why is January our Mental Health Month?

Self-care has become a hot topic these days. We exercise regularly, try to eat healthily and want to avoid working too much. But we sometimes tend to forget to take care of our minds. Too often we think mental health will follow naturally from physical health. But in reality, over one million people in the Netherlands take an antidepressant. Young people are trapped between feeling down and having a serious depression. And 1 in 6 working people experience symptoms of a burn-out.

Now it’s up to ourselves to break the stigma surrounding mental health. This is a challenge we dare to take on at Spring House. This January mental health is the topic for a few experimental events. Together we will break the taboo and make mental health an everyday conversation topic.

Tuesdays and Thursdays. Start days January 8 & 10

Meditation Course

Guided meditation By Mira Vrdoljak

Beyond its original spiritual purpose, today’s stressful lifestyles have inspired an increasing number of people to practice meditation for health reasons. Meditation has various positive effects, not only on your mind but on your body as well. It has positive effects on your stress level, mood, focus, blood pressure, sleeping pattern, relationships and overall happiness.
Join a guided meditation course in January at Spring House.

Course Fresh mornings: 4x Tuesday mornings: January 8, 15, 22 & 29 from 9:00-9:20 in the Water Suite
Course Peace at lunchtime: 4x Thursday afternoons: January 10, 17, 24 & 31 from 13:00-13:20 in the Water Suite

The costs of one course are €25,- but if you really want to go all in, you can join both courses for €45,-.
Sign up via this link for Tuesdays. And this link for Thursdays. Please pay in cash at the start of the first lesson.

Wednesdays. Start date January 9.

Yoga in jeans

By Eline Janssen

Working on your mind can also be achieved by working with your body. That’s why Eline Janssen will guide us through various yogic breathing exercises every Wednesday at 15.30. That time of day where you often need a little energy boost. These Kundalini yoga exercises help guard against stress and fatigue. And you can even keep your jeans on during this little 30-minute break. Join the experiment for 4 sessions this January.

Every Wednesday 15:30-16:00 in the Water Suite or Fish Bowl.
Sign up for the full course here. Please pay €20 in cash at the start of the first lesson.


By appointment


By Monte Königs

Too often we think mental health will naturally come to us. And we forget to reconsider habits we are stuck in. As a coach and speaker, Monte strives to lighten the weight we’ve assigned to mental health. So we can handle it better, more openly and with more joy in the future.

Coaching can benefit anyone stuck on a case at work, how big or small it may be. Coaching questions can be ‘How can I make better choices?’, ‘What is my leadership style?’, ‘How do I balance my personal side and professionalism?’ or ‘Is what I am doing still in line with what I want to be doing? ’

Together with coach Monte, you will reflect on your question, your role and the role of others, to discover new alternatives for behaviour.

Monte will take on the experiment at Spring House. To minimise the threshold of approaching a coach, you can sign up for one or two 1½ hour coaching sessions for €65,- (excluding VAT). Or there is also the option to pay by trading a service if you have/can you do anything Monte can use.

After these two introductory sessions you can decide to stop or continue the coaching for the regular price. The sessions will take place in a private space in or outside of Spring House.

January 14 & 29

Doctor Dinie

By Dinie Besems

Doctor Dinie is your go-to person when you are experiencing creative troubles, lack of inspiration or some kind of big questions. When you need a mystic auralike reading, a special creative card session or maybe a dream interpretation, you can visit Doctor Dinie in her consultation hour. Doctor Dinie does not guarantee a solution or a cure but she will provide a much better, highly inspired or clownesque new view on life.

Monday 14 January 11.00-13.00 in the Water Suite. Sign up here.
Tuesday 29 January 11.00-13.00 in the Serre. Sign up here