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Love without Borders

Does loving one another mean living with one another? Does being a family mean having children? Is a partnership always between two people? Can love live without sex?
There are thousands ways to love, yet when it comes to love people do not easily push their own boundaries.

On this night about love a group of passionate Spring Housers challenged the current stigmas around non-normative relationships, families and ways of loving. With open conversation, lots of questions, a few speakers, we gathered to celebrate, understand and appreciate the many ways of loving.

The evening started with a contribution by Dennis van den Berg, who provided us an inside view to the sex & love life of people who play the online game ’second life’. Evidently, in this virtual world people feel more free to explore fantasies, desires and non conformist love.

By listening to the stories Dennis gathered in his research we could better understand the deepest thoughts and questions people ask themselves when it comes to virtual love.
For example, can I love someone without physically meeting them? Is virtual sex considered infidelity? why do I love differently online and offline?

When you think about it, in a world that is becoming more and more digital, these questions might define the future norms of the society we live it. It might sound in the beginning as a niche, almost crazy, but what if this is the future of love?

Moving from the virtual world back to the real world, Emma Slaats shared an article she wrote about Polyamory based on personal experiences and explorations. She brought forward the freedom, community life and complexity that people who choose for Polyamory experience. By following her stories about polyamorous relationships, it became clear that also people who choose for alternative ways of loving, come across the same challenges as those who go for monogamy. Jealousy, fear of losing the one you love, need for structure and change of heart.

The night ended with a love potion - our special cocktail - and room for simply being together. As a group of curious minded people, having the space to challenge our perceptions while enjoying a Friday night drink is a fantastic combination.

And if the building is also red that is even better.



Written by Shay Raviv