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With members: Fonds Kwadraat and Good Finance

When Joyce Velu and Robbert Vesseur introduced Good Finance during a lunch Talk at Spring House, they also met Francine Mendelaar from Fonds Kwadraat. As an organisation that provides small loans to artists, without interest and a payback rate of 99%, Fonds Kwadraat is a perfect example of Good Finance. So naturally the two forward thinking companies decided to join forces.

Joyce: “When Francine told us about Fonds Kwadraat we were interested immediately: a fund that provides small loans to artists, with no interest and a history of 45 years shows us that the artist pay back the loans in 99% of the cases. This is an excellent example of Good Finance! Since a couple of months Fonds Kwadraat is a member of Good Finance.”

Francine: “It was special to get to know Joyce and Robbert at Spring House, and Fonds Kwadraat is happy to be a member of Good Finance now. I already participated in several interesting and useful meetings by Good Finance. It is good to meet people in other organizations aiming to change the financial system, and to work together on this."