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Innovation Lab Passenger Transport


Spring House is building towards being a clubhouse for innovators. A place where individuals and groups actively search for solutions to the many questions the future holds. In September 2015, we opened our doors and we have worked together with many different initiatives since.

Hosting the Innovation Lab Passenger Transport in Spring House was a perfect fit. Not because everything went perfectly, but because we were able to evaluate and develop our collaboration along the way. That is how the best solutions are found. And that is exactly what I saw in the process that Marieke van Dijk, Rares Tatu, Linda Oldemans, Vincent van Woerkom en Ad Korf so carefully designed and guided. Together with one hundred and ninety people from different companies involved in the Amsterdam waters, they came to our house at the break of dawn. During the project, they felt more and more at home and they became a real club. The breakfasts, creative sessions and discussions held in Spring House started to pay off.

I always enjoyed arriving by bike in the morning and seeing the group hoist their own flag, the official start sign of a promising day on our red pirate ship. I am curious to hear the results, to see how their plans will develop in our city. And I especially look forward to working together again in the future.

Willempje Vrins
Club Manager at Spring House