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In Repair: towards a post-throwaway society

What would society look like if we assigned a central role to repair? And what happens if we see repair as more than a quick fix? The symposium ‘In Repair: towards a post-throwaway society’ builds on recent studies of repair, which frame the concept in a much broader context. 

Activities like mending, renovating, healing, rehabilitating, revitalizing, recovering, curing or hacking help us deal with problems in a social, sustainable, and resourceful way. During this evening we explore how repair thinking could set directions for a post-throwaway society. A society in which imperfection, broken systems, relations and objects are welcomed rather than shunned; a logic of breakdown bridges past, present and future; and even tax might shift from labour to natural resource use. 

Prof. Steven Jackson (coordinator of the NSF Repair, Maintenance, Sustainability research program at Cornell University), introducing ‘broken world thinking’

Femke Groothuis, director of Ex’Tax, Prof. dr. Ellen Rutten and Jakko Kemper, coordinator and researcher of the Sublime Imperfections NWO research program at UvA, curator and Repair Society initiator Joanna van der Zanden

The symposium is hosted by the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, the University of Amsterdam, Spring House and Repair Society.

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Date: Thursday October 5
Time: Doors open from 19:30, start at 20:00
Cost: €5,-
Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128, Amsterdam

Note: Donate your broken umbrella for the umbrella recovery project by artist Julia Mandle. 
Photo by: Julia Mandle