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Heritage, Refugees & Peace Building on February 9th

A meeting and workshop about the relation between heritage, culture and the arts and refugees and peace building

Heritage and cultural professionals have played important roles in creating safe spaces, conflict resolution and peace-building all over the world for decades. The influx of refugees in Europe, the destruction of heritage in many places in the world and a changing social role of institutions have brought this role to the surface for many. February 9th between 9h00 and 12h00, Jasper Visser (Spring House member) organises a meeting and workshop to explore these topics, and discover our individual and professional relation to them.

During the meeting on February 9th, we hear about the experience from our colleagues, and go hands on with some useful formats to stimulate dialogue, host inclusive discussions and stimulate meeting between strangers. You will leave better informed about your relation to important social issues as a professional, and equipped with tools to use in your work.

9h00 Breakfast, with meetings and swift stories about how other professionals have dealt with issues of conflict resolution, creating safe spaces for refugees, et.
10h00 Workshop by Diana Walters about dialogue, diversity and deep listening, with case studies from the Balkans and Kenya.
11h00 Deep democracy discussion about the relation your individual relation to the discussed topics, facilitated by Bonnie Williams.

Location and additional information: Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128 in Amsterdam. 
The event is a coproduction between Jasper Visser, an innovator and change agent in the cultural and heritage sector, master students from the Reinwardt Academy and Spring House, home for innovators.

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Please reach out to Jasper ( if you want to share your experiences in the first part of the meeting, or have any other questions. Also please let us know your dietary requirements.

Photo by Radiokafka, all rights reserved.