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Vandejong and Kennisland work on healthcare improvement

Collaborating members: Kennisland and Vandejong

Kennisland and Vandejong will be joining forces with a new healthcare project. Together they wrote a plan for the future of elderly care at the request of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. The promotional campaign will be launched before the end of the year and will call on everybody with an innovative idea about improving the quality of life of elderly people who need care.

Expertise, experience and creativity with regards to the content (Kennisland) as well as the  communication (Vandejong) make this joint effort a success already, even though there are no concrete results yet! In 2018 we will bring the most innovative ideas submitted to a higher level through an intensive and creative development programme. Knowledge and experience gained throughout the process will be shared with the rest of the country. This is how we will start an innovative movement that contributes to care in a positive way and more in particular, to the quality of life of elderly people. To all Spring House members who have innovative ideas themselves or who know of innovators: please make yourselves known!

Having Spring House as a common base, it is easy to join forces and it is therefore an absolute recommendation for anybody considering working together with other members.

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