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Spring House is hosting a series of Happyplaces Moments. Happyplaces Moments are intimate, invitation only gatherings on space matters, sprouted from Happyplaces Project. A Happyplaces Moment brings together a group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and it allows them to engage in open and genuine conversations and meaningful exchange. Because the group of 16 participants is carefully selected, a Happyplaces Moment serves as a ’safe space’ where the participants can be free to engage with others in rich, personal conversations with the personal story of one person as a conversation starter. 

Happyplaces Project is a personal research project by Marcel Kampman of Happykamping, that investigates the motives, ideas, methods, opinions and insights from ‘space creators’ in a quest to find all dimensions of space. And how they try to help people find their happy place within those spaces. Read more 

Date: Thursday May 19th
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