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Lunch Talk Femke van Gemert

Totally Wasted: from textile waste to art and why.

Spring House is a place for work but also a space for discovery. That’s why every three months Spring House invites a new artist to take over the house and explore a topic. 

Tonight you can hear more from our current artist: Femke van Gemert.

FEMKE VAN GEMERT (1969, Netherlands)
Femke creates art objects that are unique, handmade and sustainable. She re-uses textiles in abstract works by focussing on a specific colour and patterns occurring in nature. 

After a long career in the fashion industry she decided to start creating using only recycled and leftover fabric and textile produced by our increasingly consumerist society. This comes from her strong conviction that people need to be aware of the waste they leave behind on the planet. In her projects she wants to re-evaluate the meaning of waste in the creative process.

A love of textiles combined with an urge to explore the possibilities of discarded fabrics form constant sources of inspiration to Femke. In her work Femke finds a way to express her thoughts, feelings and opinions about the world we live in and about her personal life.

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Date: Thursday November 30th
Time: 12.30–13.30
Spring House, De Ruyterkade 128, Amsterdam