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Exhibition opening 'Filles de Banlieue'


They call themselves Amazons, trained as female warriors. Eight young women growing up in the French banlieue recount their life stories about hip-hop classes, street culture and 'new femininity'.

Photographer Sofie van Esch and urban sociologist Simone van de Wetering went on a mission to learn about hiphop in France. This resulted in 'Filles de Banlieue': a set of stories about girlhood in the French suburbs.

In Spring House they will present these stories. We invite you to the artist talk and the official opening of the exhibition on January 26th. Send us a message if you want to join.

'Filles de Banlieue' will be shown in Spring House's staircase until march 5th. 

Date: Thursday January 26th
Time: 17:30
@Staircase Spring House

Photography Sofie van Esch