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Spring House Academy II: Dark

Energy Booster Parcour

More and more we hear people say we are living in dark times. But the dark can also be a source of excitement and joy. This spring, we explored all that the dark can bring us during Spring House Academy II: Dark. A one day (or night) festival for all Spring House members. We stayed up all night and experienced the dark together.

Who are you?
Bas van Bentum, a designer at Vandejong Creative Agency.

What was your part in the program?
I invented the Energy Booster Parcour; an obstacle course where you have to move through a blacklight-lit room filled with neon lines without touching them. At the same time you have to gather items hidden in different parts of the parcours. It tests your flexibility, accuracy and speed. Of course there was a prize for the person who was not only fastest but also made the least amount of mistakes.


What is your association with DARK?

How did people respond?
People were amazed at the transformation of a normal meeting space to a dark room filled with blacklight. And they were very eager to be the fastest participant of the parcour. Afterwards it was also a most loved spot for the silent disco. Dancing and dodging lines at the same time.