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Empowering Kids to Be Circular Stars

As part of the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2017 organized yearly by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the newly established Stars Are Circular Foundation with founder and Springhouse member Rieta Aliredjo organized a live studio session. The session took place on the 14th of December in the Atelier at Spring House. The central question was Empowering Kids to Be Circular Stars: How to involve kids and young adults with the circular economy?

An offline audience of around 35 people with interest in the circular economy and education gathered to listen and have a conversation with panelist Emer Beamer from Desigathon Works, also a member at Spring House, Remco Pijpers from Kennisnet, Merel Mirage from Stichting Holy and Michiel Dijkman from Samsung.
The event was hosted by Andrew Green from the What if Waste Podcast. The session was also attended by an online audience and we are still receiving great input from people abroad who have listened to and enjoyed the session.  

The main take away point from the panel was listening to the kids themselves, as underlined by Emer during the session: “Adults can learn a lot from children’s creativity and their way of thinking and their engagement with the environment.” With the help of Emer and her colleague Ina we had the honor to connect with and invite some kids to the session as well. It definitely enriched the session being able to ask them for their opinion and input.  

Missed out? You can view the session on demand on the festival’s website.

Written by Rieta Aliredjo