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Spring House Academy II: Dark

Dining in the Dark

More and more we hear people say we are living in dark times. But the dark can also be a source of excitement and joy. This spring, we explored all that the dark can bring us during Spring House Academy II: Dark. A one day (or night) festival for all Spring House members. We stayed up all night and experienced the dark together.

Who are you?
Eline Janssen, artist, initiator of The One Day Collective and host at Spring House.

Wat is your association with dark?
'Black Square' by Malevich. When seeing Black Square for the first time at Stedelijk, I was completely sucked in the infinite dark plane. It is nothing and everything at the same time. 

What was your part in the program?
I organized a Black Square to dine in and wrote the text about Malevich, which Martin Brester performed very very well. Malevich promoted Black Square as a sign of the beginning of a new era of art, the absolute zero point. The dinner took place at midnight exact, the zero of the night. 

How did people respond?
People were enthusiastic about the setting and the amazing food by Sander & Joost of Pakhuis de Zwijger and Mario of Kannibalen en Paradijsvogels. People were dining only on one side of the table, as in the last supper of Davinci, so everyone could see each other very well. This created a nice interaction. The dinner was a good (zero) moment to relax and prepare for the rest of the program.

One last dark thought?
Turn off the light