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Wednesday Artday

'Daily Overview'

Every week a Spring House member tells us about an artwork that touches or inspires them. This week it's Manon Kersten, Host and Lead Communications and Program at Spring House.

What artwork or expo would you like to share with us? Where and when did you see it?
Two weeks ago I visited an exhibition about the future of planet earth –or in some cases the end of our world– in CCCB in Barcelona. Many artists presented their view on the topic through their art. The work ‘Daily Overview project’ by Benjamin Grant really stuck with me. I saw images of landscapes from above organised and designed by mankind. The images were large curved canvases composed in a layered circular manner. You could walk through the images, like you were walking through all the landscapes on the planet. The pictures were sorted by themes, for example agriculture, energy-industry or housing.


How does the work relate to your personal life?
The artist choose a non human perspective; a birds perspective. With this he tries to create awareness about the way we use the earth. So often we don’t see our own impact on the world, because we are in the middle of it all, and zooming out is difficult for humans. Looking at an image of a solar panel field from above, I realised that I’m also involved in the transformation of the planet. I consider green energy important, but realised that even seemingly ‘good’ choices have consequences. For harvesting 'green’ energy, nature had to make place in this case.


What would you advise us for making choices in future?
Humanity is very powerful, but not always conscious about the impact we have on the planet together. It would be good to, more often look at the earth from an astronaut’s perspective, and realise our collective impact.