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Climate Month — February

Why is February our Climate Month?

With #NationaleTruiendag on February 15th and the #Klimaatmars on March 10th, we take the month of February to consider the climate using our monthly program. A lot of members made it their work to think about the climate, work on sustainability and climate cases. But how do we come together to solve climate issues, and what do we do in our daily lives to consider the planet? This February this will be our main topic.

4 February

Monday Mornings

04.02 | Bas Raijmakers ‘Positive Energy Around the World’
Climate change is already wreaking havoc around the world, and it’s happening faster, harder, and in more terrifying forms than anyone predicted. Hotter temperatures are causing droughts, heatwaves beyond the limits of human tolerance, and rising seas that will submerge many of the islands, cities and countries that we live in today.
The Climate Action Challenge by What Design Can Do is a global design competition calling on the creative community to submit bold, innovative solutions to combat the impacts of climate change.
STBY guides the teams that submitted their ideas in an acceleration phase. Bas Raijmakers will showcase a few climate projects out there.

7 February

Lunch Talk — Warme Truiendag: Reframing Climate Action

By Rolinka Kattouw

Halfway February it is national 'Warme Truiendag'. A great climate action asking everyone to put on their warmest jumper and turn down the heating. But is one day a year enough climate action? And how can we frame individual climate actions, however small, don’t feel like ‘giving something up’. How can we rethink the negative sentiment attached to personal individual climate actions? During this Lunch Talk, we will rethink and try to reframe this case.

Tuesdays, 12 & 26, 17.00-18.00

Learn to Knit

By Sophie Holterman

Want to make your own knitted jumper, scarf or hat for Warme Truiendag, but cannot knit? Designer Sophie Holterman will give us a crash course introduction to knitting in two 1-hour sessions.

€20,- incl VAT. Drink and snack provided.

February 15th

Warme Truiendag

On this day national ‘warm sweater day’, we put on our warmest sweater and face and embrace the cold. This great climate action asking everyone to dress warmly and turn down the heating generates savings of 6% of CO2 per degree you lower your heating. This is a significant impact if we participate nation- or worldwide. Today we will have to keep ourselves and each other warm. Bring a blanket, sit close together in smaller spaces and take regular walks to warm up!

Thursday, February 27, 12.30-13.30

Lunch Talk — Starting a Food Co-op. How and why?

By Kim van Leuken

Eating locally, buying organic products more cheaply, buying directly from the farmer? These are the benefits of joining a food co-op. Kim van Leuken wants to start a co-op to bring the city and countryside closer together. And to shorten links in the food chain. Sustainability and food are always on her mind and now she wants to break free from the supermarket.
Because a healthy diet for you is also a healthy diet for the planet.


Whole February

Climate expo

When do you find yourself thinking about the climate in your daily life?
Send a photo and short text to, for the upcoming staircase expo presenting members climate thoughts during everyday life.

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