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Exhibition — Candle

Candle, the privacy friendly smart home

Candle is an example of a privacy friendly smart home of the future. The primary goal of the project is to stimulate companies to produce privacy friendly devices. The secondary goal is to allow anyone to build their own copy of a Candle prototype, so that they may help spread the message that more privacy friendly smart homes are possible.

In November, Candle takes over three of our Living Room cabinets, located on the first floor of our building. The project was initiated by former Spring House member Tijmen Schep, and co-developed by former artists in residence Jesse Howard and Dinie Besems. During The Best of Spring House on the 4th of November, Candle organised a walk-in workshop in which participants created their own devices, and discussed the 'subtle art of living together'.

Have fun trying out the voice commands by giving Snips an assignment. If you're done playing, you can always say something like "Hey Snips, remove all alarms" or "Hey Snips, remove all timers" to remove any timers you may have set.

For more information on Candle, visit the website