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Expand your mind, read a book

On a stormy November evening, a small group of people got together on the cosy first floor of Spring House. Spring House is strongly involved in using creativity to achieve change, and in making books as well. Reading the books that inspire us is the missing link! Enter the Strategic Creativity Book Club.

All participants prepared by reading one publication from the Strategic Creativity Readership series from the Design Academy. Each participant brought in the key thoughts from the book he or she read, and in the discussion the insights were linked to the central theme: the strategic role of designers in creating change in society and the economy. 

At the end of an enjoyable and inspiring conversation we all left with a long wish list of great books to read. It was decided that the Strategic Creativity Book Club is here to stay. The next meetup will be on Monday February 1st 2016, in the Spring House Library. Topic: ‘Design when everybody designs - an introduction to design for social innovation‘ by Ezio Manzini. 

Would you like to join? Start reading, sign up, and we’ll keep you posted.