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Spring House Academy II: Dark

Blind Trust

More and more we hear people say we are living in dark times. But the dark can also be a source of excitement and joy. This spring, we explored all that the dark can bring us during Spring House Academy II: Dark. A one day (or night) festival for all Spring House members. We stayed up all night and experienced the dark together.

Who are you?
My name is Yeliz Mert and I am a host at Spring House. I also have my own natural cosmetics brand, Yummie Life Naturals. It is composed of handmade and sustainable health- and beauty essentials, using only natural ingredients.

What was your part in the program?
I was part of the organizing team of the Spring House Academy as well as the facilitator of a game during the night. We combined the Spring House Academy with another in house project: 'The Art of Being Together'. This project researches different ways to build open and authentic relationships with our coworkers.
During the Night I had members give eachother a blindfolded tour through the building while telling stories about their life and work at Spring House.

How did people respond?
Some people found intriguing, others found it scary, fun or surprising.

What is your association with DARK?
DARK reminds me of the sunset.

One last (dark) thought?
The dark side of people comes out at night..