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Being Sustainable Every Day

'Being Sustainable Every Day'
This is the slogan for a day where 30 people came together to develop ideas to stimulate the future of sustainable behaviour. A mix of governments, companies, NGO’s, innovators and designers got to work.

The gathering was a part of the program ‘Duurzaam Doen’ by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Jaap Warmerhoven and Zinzi Stasse from Is Ook/Twynstra Gudde facilitated the meeting. They found it the perfect opportunity to take advantage of both the location as wel as the network of Spring House.

They invited Rieta Aliredjo to join the table ‘the future of self representation’ and Joanna van der Zanden presented her ‘Repair Society’ as a new framework for sustainability. The agreements that were made on that day can be found in the online tool This is a platform where you can see the future of sustainable behaviour gradually approach.