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Artists in the House 2018

From the start, art has been an important part of Spring House: to visualise a different future, artistic visions are highly needed. In addition to changing exhibitions, presentations and lectures there is also room for to actively experience art together with the Artist in the House.

This time we set out an open call for artists to interact with our community. Two artists were selected to turn our house upside down in 2018. 

In April Antonio Jose Guzman will start a four month residency. He will continue his research for 'The library of forgotten memories’ and create an installation. 

The 'Library of Forgotten Memories' is a postcolonial memorial to shared histories from the former Dutch colonies. The main part is formed by an installation with textiles from former Dutch colonies. 'The Library' tells the history of (de)colonisation and the migration of cultural heritage through both textile and live performance.


And starting in September are Ruben Baart en Roos Groothuizen. Both Sandberg Design graduates working on the borders of design and fine arts. In Spring House they will create a Digital Detox Clinic, where the question is: Should technology adapt to our bodies or should our bodies adapt to technology?


Bellagio Casino 48Bellagio Casino 48


Cover image: Julia Mandle (winter of 2016) translated our everyday use of electronics to ceramic interventions.