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Night of the Radical Innovation


On February 9th, Spring House was home to the Night of the Radical Innovation. On behalf of the jury, Prof. Vanessa Evers awarded Caventou with the 1st prize, and De Nederlandse School won the audience award. Hundreds of attendees joined the finalists in the quest for radical positive, sustainable and social initiatives.  

Shout-out to all Radical Innovators
In front of a sold out crowd, Vanessa Evans expressed her admiration for the ten finalists. She emphasized that the prize is a shout out to all Radical Innovators in the Netherlands.

"Do not give up, we see pressure on your shoulders, we are impressed by your drive and effort. With this prize we hope to increase the attention for your work and we hope to convince the industry to support you."

The jury, consisting of Neelie Kroes (Ambassador Startup Delta), Vanessa Evers (professor of social robotics UT), Aart van Veller (Vandebron and former Radical Innovator), Henk Oriental (philosopher and Rotterdam Vakmanstad) and Robert Verwaayen (KEEN Venture Partners) chose Marjan van Aubel of Caventou as the winner. Aubel integrates solar energy into everyday objects whilst keeping a keen aesthetic eye. The jury was impressed by her work.

"Caventou is inspiring because the proposed solution left us surprised, delighted, and thinking in new ways about sustainability and energy." - Jury

De Nederlandse School
The audience chose their favourite. De Nederlandse School was voted for more than 20,000 times on Facebook and Twitter. The school for education pioneers was the lucky winner. Ilja Klink, Director of De Nederlandse School hopes to pass the baton to the teachers:

"Our goal is that in the future our students will climb the podium. We hope to deliver lecturers who question the status quo and dare to think differently. "

Berenklauwsap, fairtrade cocaine and dead beetles
The 25 Radical Innovators of 2015, demonstrating their initiatives were the focal point of the evening. A sneak peak into the program: the mobile cocktail shakers from Gewildgroei provided the public with drinks - such as aphrodisiac bear’s claw juice. De Oplossers and Fairtrade Coke took the less pleasant task of placing cocaine production under the microscope, Creating Water Foundation demonstrated a mini mist net to catch water, Het Nieuwe Kiezen stimulated the crowd to rething election systems, Coleoptera demonstrated how dead beetles make plastic, and Better Future Factory showed how you can convert waste streams into 3D printer ink.

Proud and inspired, we look back at a great night and a successful search for the Radical Innovators of the Netherlands.

See you next year!
Kennisland, Vandejong en Vrij Nederland

Photo by Bastiaan ter Burg, some rights reserved.